Hey, I'm Ben and I make art on block(s)
      Blocks are for playing. But, these blocks are ART!!
                                ...and art is VERY serious.

I don’t have a lot to say but I have a lot to draw. I draw everything, even people who are right in front of me on a crowded subway. Sometimes they get mad but most of the time they don’t care. I also draw a lot of fat animals and chickens and art at the museum. I’m very passionate, in other words I go to a lot of therapy. Looking at stuff is fun, drawing about it is even more fun.

I keep a small sketchbook with me every day, and everywhere I go. There are hundreds of sketchbooks sitting in a drawer at home. When I was in art school, I would bring my sketchbooks to class and my professors would say, “how are you supposed to exhibit those in a gallery if all your work is in a sketchbook?”

So, I learned about a method of transferring images onto wood. Transferring my sketches onto wood and carving them out gave the drawings a new, sculptural dimension creating new narratives that didn’t exist in my sketchbooks. Now the blocks could interact with each other, making unexpected stories out of endless drawings that were once sitting in a drawer, at home, and in a sketchbook.

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